Randai Dance

Randai in the history of the Minangkabau have a rather long history. The legend says that he was played by the community Pariangan, Tanah Datar when mesyarakat managed to capture the deer out of the sea. Randai in Minangkabau society is an art that is played by several people in the sense of group or team event, where there is a story in this Randai brought, like the story Cindua Mato, Malin Deman, Anggun Nan Tongga, and other folklore. Randai aims to entertain people during a party usually held in public or on the feast of Eid al-Fitr.

Randai is played by the protagonist who will be tasked with telling a story, the protagonist of this could amount to one person, two, three or more depending on the story that was delivered, and in bringing the main character or act it is circled by the other members that aims to animate berlansungnya event.

Randai Now this is something foreign to young Minangkabau, this is because the shifting orientation of art or hobby of that generation. Randai contained in pasisie (coastal) and Darek area (mainland).

Initially Randai is a medium to convey the tale or folklore through couplets or poems are sung and galombang (dance) which originate from Minangkabau silat movements. But in its development, adopting Randai style characterizations and dialogue in the plays, such as group Dardanela.

Randai at first is a medium to convey stories of the people, and less appropriate if called as a theater Randai Minangkabau tradition, although in its development Randai adopting storytelling or theater or theatrical dialogue.

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