Plate Dance

Dancing Plate (Minangkabau) is an art of dance belongs to the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra. He is one of Minangkabau art of dance is still practiced residents Negeri Sembilan Minangkabau descent.

This dance has a motion that resembles the movement of farmers during planting bercucuk, making work reaping and so on. This dance also symbolizes joy and gratitude with the results of their crops.

This dance is a jig with the dancers holding plates in their palms, accompanied by a song played by talempong and Saluang. Sometimes, the dishes will dilontar into the air or slammed to the ground and climbed by the dancers.

To add aesthetic elements, magic and surprises in this dance, male and female dancers will trample the broken plates without fear nor wound. The audience will certainly feel terrified when the glass broke and it climbed sharply, pulling.
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