Karo Dance

Tari Karo

One of the dance traditions of the Karo. This dance describes the romance of young people at night under the bright moonlight. This dance is performed by the character movement is more graceful.

Dance in the Karo language called "Landek." Karo is the basic pattern of dance postures, hand gestures, up and down movement of the knee (endek) adjusted to the tempo drums and footwork. Basic pattern of the dance coupled with some variations so as exciting and beautiful dance.

Relating to indigenous dances such as entering a new house, weddings, funerals and others.

Dance associated with religious rites and led by regular teachers (shaman). For example Mulih-mulih Dance, Dance Tungkat, Erpangir Ku Lau, Dance Baka, Begu Please see Dance, Dance Muncang, and others.

Dance-related entertainment in general classified. For example Gundala-gundala Dance, Dance Ndikkar and others.

Since 1960 dance dance Karo increased in the presence of new creations. For example the five series that combined dance of the five types of dance that is : Dance-morah Morah, Perakut Dance,DanceCIPA Seat, plate-plate Lance Dance and Dance Kabang Kiung. After that came the Piso Surit dance, dancethe Light of the Moon, dance and dance Bread Sweet Rice Planting.
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