Ulos Ragidup

Ulos Ragidup
In tradition of marriage of BATAK TOBA, there is ULOS that is given to the new couple. It’s a cloth and called ULOS RAGIDUP.  Ragidup (aragi = life )  is the simbol of life.  This is the kind of Ulos that is so complex and therefor it has high level of degree in Batak culture. This kind of ulos is given by the father of bridegroom and it has a meaning for prosperity to the couple and to strenghten the string of friendship between 2 family in marriage. Sometimes, this Ulos Ragidup is used to wrap up the body of the dead or the coffin.

There is 3 way how to use Ulos in batak culture :

1. Siabithononton ( is used ) : Ragidup, Sibolang, Runjat, Djobit, Simarindjamisi, Ragi Pangko.
2. Sihadanghononton ( is used on the head or just put on your shoulder ) : Sirara, Sumbat, Bolean, Mangiring, Surisuri, Sadum.
3. Sitalitalihononton ( is used on your waist like a sarong ) : Tumtuman, Mangiring, Padangrusa.
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